Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1♥cottage::.Sneak Peak.

I only had them captured with my iPhone at the moment...

The weather is pretty bad today, so I couldn't take any 
good picture of them. Hopefully, there's sufficient
sunlight for my product photo shooting tomorrow.

New products coming up!
Stay tuned! :D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1♥cottage::. Hello 2012 ♥

It's been sooooooooooo long since the last update.
I've gone through a very hectic semester and thank God,
I am having my semester break now.

I reckon, this is the best time to catch up with some orders
and gift that I have promised to make but have not done.

Thus, I spent the whole afternoon working on Bride BBB
for my high school friend who got married. I will work on the
groom soon and show y'all here :)
(remake-able, in case any of you wants it!)

Oh, my furkid ; Duffy is 5 months old now. :)
And I love him loads ♥


Well, since I haven't been making any new dolls lately,
I've decided to share some appreciation photos from my beloved customers.

Clemence's from Paris 

Rosmawati's from Malaysia

And there are more photos of it at their Instagram (IG) :D

Follow me on IG, if you haven't! :P

Till then.