Sunday, October 30, 2011

1♥cottage::.Awesome Weekend Ever!

It was the most awesome weekend I've ever had. :D

First, I got myself a pup.
I have yearned to own a pup for my whole darn life.
And I'm super happy to adopt one now!!! :D

His name is Duffy.
I named him after a famous Disney Tokyo Sea character, Duffy.
We (my bf & I) think of all sort of names but we resolved in this name.

I think his fur looks like Duffy bear and this is also my fav bear. :)

Eventually, he'll be a big part of my life. ♥

Next, I went to Wonderful Pipit Market 7,
an art & crafts bazaar in Malaysia.

I was not chosen to go to Pipit 7 as one of the vendor there. :(
It was kinda disappointing for me, as it is my dream 
to participate in one of the local bazaars. 

However, I believe that if I work hard and have faith
in myself, my dream will come true one fine day.
I will try again in the near future :)

Besides, I met with my craft friend that I have not seen
in person. And she recognized me when I went to her stall.

I was so excited and I requested for a photo with her. :)
If you're reading this, I wanted to say I am so glad
that we met on that day! ^^

I got one of her polar bears.
They were tiny and cuteeee :)

Visit her blog at 

I loveee her hand-drawn business card.
Very cuteee and can be used as a bookmark.
Great idea! :))

And the happy thing is, I dated my friend out that day.
She accompanied me to Pipit 7. ♥

We had so much fun at Pipit 7 and also catching up.
We have not met for months since I went for my
industrial training early this year during March.

Weird but adorable dollies. ^^

Uber cuteee bears that I almost wanted to splurge on. :S

Besides the polar bear, I also bought
sticker sets from Minifanfan.

I loveeeeeeeeeee her illustrations.
They were uber cute. ♥

I selected 2 from 10 of the stickers and have them 
stick on my lappie. And I kept the other 8 until
I find places to stick them on. ^^

And that concludes my awesome weekend.
How about yours? :)

Coming up next,
Triplets Bit Bit Bunny ♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

1♥cottage::.The Story of IG Monster

Happy Monday! :)

My love for IG - Instagram (an app for iPhone-rs) has lead me to
create this IG Monster.

I enjoy drawing it very much especially when I got a lot of feedback
from my beloved followers.

I got so busy with uni that I only have time to
draw for IG. I miss creating amigurumi dolls too.

Two bit bit bunnies need to be done in this week or next.
I'm so excited to start working on them :)

And so, I made him go to the mall and do some shopping.

He brushes his teethes too. LOL.

I hope you enjoy my drawings and probably it has help
 to cheer your dull Monday too! :)

This IG Monster cover for iPhone4 has sold out 
a week ago. Adores IG Monster very much?
Fret not, it is remake-able! :D

Email to
to inquire within.

To order directly from Etsy, please click the link below:

Thank you! ^_^

Sunday, October 23, 2011

1♥cottage::.iPad2 Cover

The iPad2 cover that I've been working very hard over the week 
have been finally completed! yay! :D

"Lame King" as requested was done on the cover. :)

Two buttons were sewn on the back of the cover.
The inner of the cover, I have used blue felt with white polka dots
to match with the theme.

I have doodled a thank you tag for my customer too.
I hope the receiver of this present will love it! :)

Have a great week ahead fellow readers!!! ♥

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1♥cottage::.Live. Love. Laugh.

Marriage is always a bliss.
My cousin bro just got married last Sunday.

It's fun to see all of my relatives again.
We don't use to see each others often cuz we're living very far
apart. So, during my cousin bro's wedding day that was where we
have the opportunity to gather and talk. :)

The fun part of attending a wedding dinner is where I get to doll up.
Wearing glam clothes and looking totally different from my
casual dressing.

That is why I have not been blogging lately. HAHAHA.

I tried to fly a kite few days back.
I really did. However, it has failed each time I try to fly it
cuz it wasn't windy at all. I was really disappointed.

And so we started playing with my iPhone camera.
I have always wanted to take photos like above, with the sun thingy,
you know. And that's my boyfriend in the photo. :D

I've also tried experimenting by swinging my hair to see if the
effects are good. Nonetheless, it does looked a bit good. It always
has room for improvements. Somehow, someday, I'll try it again. :)

I've been spending my last week of holidays at the mall everyday.
Went for movies, food, shopping and more :)

The photo above is where I played with that funny glasses,
sold at Daiso. Do I look stupid? LOL
They sell really good stuffs there, cute, usable 
and you name it. 

Crazy IG Monster iPhone cover has been sold too! :D
I wish my parcel is safe all the way to USA.

Uni has just started 2 days and it feels good to be back.
Above is Duffy and my 55% completion of iPad2 cover for
one of my local customer in Malaysia. It has to be done 
by 30th October cuz it will be given to someone as a birthday 
present. I really hope I can finish in these few days and probably
blog about it too. :)

How's everyone been doing?
I'm pretty busy juggling between work (online shop) and studies. >_<|||

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1♥cottage::.Bit Bit the Bunny

I've finally completed my bunny amigurumi! :D

More photos can be found at my Etsy Shop.

Perfect for birthday present, anniversaries, collectibles and etc.

She is made to order, not a ready made doll.
So, if you wish to purchase it, kindly email me at

onelovecottage [!at]

or you can directly purchase it at 

Pattern credited to the author of All About Ami.

Monday, October 3, 2011

1♥cottage::.Coming Soon

Been working on this amigurumi these few days.

She shall be done in a jiffy! :)


By the way, my craft was selected and featured
 by Imaginative Bloom.

Check the link provided below ;

I hope that everyone is having a good time. :)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

1♥cottage::.Hello October!

Good bye September! :')
It has been a very meaningful month for me as it is
a month where I resume my business. Many effort
has been put, wishing all the best to myself.

So, here's another brand new month.
Marking the 2nd of October, it means that September 2011
has passed and let's welcome October 2011. :D

Let's hope that it will be a very great month ahead not only for 
me but for you (the ones reading my blog) and everyone as well. :)

Few days back, I brought Chocolate and his handmade mini
 briefcase to high tea with me. Took some photos of him. Isn't he
cute with his fur made of brown fluffy yarns?

The mini briefcase was bought from Craft Homede.
And I love it so much!
I support local handmades, what about you? ;)

Here's another handmade mini briefcase in purple colour with my 
handmade Shelliemay amigurumi. Isn't it cuteeee? :)

I bet they are made with tonnes of love! 

Well, needless to say, this is made with millions of love by me too! 
It's my latest listed item on Etsy for sale --- Crazy IG Monster iPhone Cozy.

It can fit iPhone 4 perfectly. It is made specially for IG addicts like me.

More photos can be found at

Contact me at
onelovecottage [!at] gmail. com

if you wish to make a purchase or you can buy directly from 
my Etsy Shop :)

Till then.
Have a lovely week ahead peeps!