Monday, October 24, 2011

1♥cottage::.The Story of IG Monster

Happy Monday! :)

My love for IG - Instagram (an app for iPhone-rs) has lead me to
create this IG Monster.

I enjoy drawing it very much especially when I got a lot of feedback
from my beloved followers.

I got so busy with uni that I only have time to
draw for IG. I miss creating amigurumi dolls too.

Two bit bit bunnies need to be done in this week or next.
I'm so excited to start working on them :)

And so, I made him go to the mall and do some shopping.

He brushes his teethes too. LOL.

I hope you enjoy my drawings and probably it has help
 to cheer your dull Monday too! :)

This IG Monster cover for iPhone4 has sold out 
a week ago. Adores IG Monster very much?
Fret not, it is remake-able! :D

Email to
to inquire within.

To order directly from Etsy, please click the link below:

Thank you! ^_^

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