Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pipit Fabric Festival 2013

I've been up to so many things today.
I'm really tired and exhausted, and yet, 
I feel like blogging. 

It wasn't an easy task to mingle with 2 businesses at once,
all by myself. I've spent the whole morning
taking photos (by myself with a tripod!) for 
Nineteen89 Boutique upcoming new arrivals.

So, make sure you go to my fan page :

Sneak peek! 

Sorry if you find this photo disturbing,
I'm not a professional model. So yeah...just trying 
to sell my products here. Please bear with me!!! :P

And check out all the new stuffs that is going to be 
uploaded very soon! All imported and hand-picked 100%
from oversea. You get what you see! :DD

Btw, if you're wondering why I'm handling 2 businesses,
is because
- earn for a living
- passion / hobby

Oh well, here're some of the dolls/pouches I've done these days!

Bit Bit Bunny with Rilakkuma beanie hat :P


Well, few days back, I went to Pipit Fabric Fest!!!

I got a pack of this, 
seriously this is gonna be so useful for the Bit Bit inner ears!!
Moreover, it is just RM5 for a big pack! :D

And many zakka fabric to choose from!!!

Masking tape corner! :))

And so here's what I've got from Fabric Fest!
Totally in love with the fabric I got. :D

Till then, have a great week ahead peeps!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April's First

My first post for April.

I can't believe it is 17th of April.
I have been going through so many things through out the 
beginning of April. And now, things have been slowed down
and I can sit back and relax by catching up with my orders.

These cuties are iPhone cozies.
I do make other phone cozies too, please email me
to enquire for more :)

They are all my original design, 
should you need to use the design, please do not use it
without my consent, thank you for respecting my art & design.

Back to the beginning of the month, 
I went to Bangkok for a short trip with my mom and my relatives! :D

Shibuya Honey Toast at "After You", Siam Paragon.

This food is like H-E-A-V-E-N! 
It taste soooo good, I miss it now :(

This is how it looks adding it with the ice-cream.
Jeez, I'm making myself hungry, no doubt :')

And coconut ice-cream to kill the heat in Bangkok
which almost reached 38 Celsius, hotter than Malaysia *faint*

Foot massage time! *yaaaay!*

Cute Furby spotted.
They are seen almost everywhere in the departmental stores.

There are sooooo many of them!!!
They even have their own accessories. :S

How can their cakes looks sooo tempting!!!
Even the strawberries are HUGE!!! XD

Sorry for the blur photo.
This is me at Asiatique doing the tourist pose.

It was so nice over there, the ambiance is great.
There are many cute stalls selling all sort of things and
there are many bars and restaurants too.
Definitely a must-go place when you visit Bangkok! :D

Besides crafting, I have another passion for fashion as well.

Please head to my Facebook page for more awesome fashion pieces
from my online fashion boutique Nineteen89 Boutique :)

Till then peeps,
happy mid-week! :D