Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pipit Fabric Festival 2013

I've been up to so many things today.
I'm really tired and exhausted, and yet, 
I feel like blogging. 

It wasn't an easy task to mingle with 2 businesses at once,
all by myself. I've spent the whole morning
taking photos (by myself with a tripod!) for 
Nineteen89 Boutique upcoming new arrivals.

So, make sure you go to my fan page :

Sneak peek! 

Sorry if you find this photo disturbing,
I'm not a professional model. So yeah...just trying 
to sell my products here. Please bear with me!!! :P

And check out all the new stuffs that is going to be 
uploaded very soon! All imported and hand-picked 100%
from oversea. You get what you see! :DD

Btw, if you're wondering why I'm handling 2 businesses,
is because
- earn for a living
- passion / hobby

Oh well, here're some of the dolls/pouches I've done these days!

Bit Bit Bunny with Rilakkuma beanie hat :P


Well, few days back, I went to Pipit Fabric Fest!!!

I got a pack of this, 
seriously this is gonna be so useful for the Bit Bit inner ears!!
Moreover, it is just RM5 for a big pack! :D

And many zakka fabric to choose from!!!

Masking tape corner! :))

And so here's what I've got from Fabric Fest!
Totally in love with the fabric I got. :D

Till then, have a great week ahead peeps!

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