Saturday, December 10, 2011

1♥cottage::. Ready for Christmas? ♥

Christmas is just around the corner!
I can't believe time flies so quickly.

My last item I made for this festive season is this lil'
couple pair of Duffy & Shellie May :)

They are extra & uber famous in Disney Tokyo Sea in Japan.

They are specially made to celeb this X'mas. Limited edition,
only one and they are not remake-able. They are also ready to 
be shipped out immediately. :D

They can be purchased here :

or email me to order


This cute lil' coin purse is available too.
Ready made and able to ship immediately. :)

Please refer to this link to purchase :

Only one colour is available, totally exquisite and lovely.

Happy from Fairy Tail, custom order from an Aussie customer :)

Happy weekend, peeps! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1♥cottage::. Appreciations ♥

Photo credited to Ling from Malaysia.

Photo credited to Eva from U.S.

Grouped some of the photos from my customers.

As a crafter & seller, the most satisfying part of the business process
is not on the amount of bucks that counts. It is the making and
the feedback from the customers that counts.

Mustaches thank you tags where I carved them with rubber stamp! :D

It makes me feel that all the efforts that I've put into my craft business 
all these while has been paid off when happy customers left me feedback.

Free wrapping service from me as requested by one of my
customer from U.S. She wish to have separate boxes for 2 of 
the amigurumi dolls that she've ordered from me.

Thus, I made an effort to wrap them up nicely.
They are due for Christmas! :D

I hope these efforts will put a smile on her face :)

Duffy has grown heavier each time I went to visit him.
He's so active!!! Plus he smiles for the camera now! Awww 

Got this green tea frap for free upon Starbucks card registration! :D

I've been studying and revising this weekend for my mid-terms.
  Just taking some short breaks from crocheting. 
what have you guys been doing? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1♥cottage::.Joy of Crocheting

Blogging is actually time consuming,
considering the time needed for editing, inserting photos, re-editing again,
constructing sentences to make it interesting to readers and things like that.

However, it could make the author of the blog happy and satisfied
when readers leave feed backs/comments on the blog posts.
And it will become worthwhile to blog even the author is super busy. 

So, here's one of my current order I received from USA.
She's having this Bit Bit Bunny in lilac as her X'mas present.
I hope that the package will arrive just in time for Christmas :)

It is still available for remakes in all sorts of colours.
Please visit :
or email me at
onelovecottage [at!] to purchase.

Here are some of the appreciation photos I got from my beloved customers! :D

Christin from USA.

Ann from Aussie.

Amelia from Malaysia.

I'm so grateful that my customers are happy with their purchases
and also spent time to send me their photos :)

I'm so thankful to my BFF who came over to my place and helped me
out by making some DIY boxes with recycling envelopes.
It's so hard to find / buy suitable boxes for my crafts as some
increases the shipping cost w/ the amount of weight  
while some appeared to be quite expensive.

Yup, here comes a set of Christmas Specials amigurumi! :D

What's more interesting is, it comes with a bead chain
where you can hang them on your bags, x'mas trees 
or give them out as an x'mas present this festive season!

Comes in 4 brilliant colours - 
Mint Green, Pale Pink, Ocean Blue, and Lilac.
*Mint Green has been sold out!*

Please visit :
or email me at
onelovecottage [at!] to purchase.

They are not remake-able due to Christmas special items.

Aha! Duffy has recovered from his skin problems 
and thus the removal of the satellite thingy! Hoorayy! :D

Well, the time of the semester has finally come and therefore,
I'll be getting busier and busier. :(

Mid terms coming up, wish me luck peeps!

Monday, November 14, 2011

1♥cottage::.Christmas Amigurumi

I've been pretty busy lately.
With so many orders coming in, I hardly able to make any
dolls/ornaments for the upcoming festive season. :(

Since I was still a full time university student, 
it was super tough for me to organize my time for maximum usage.
I often find that time is insufficient.

I sketched before proceeding in crocheting it.
But the colour combinations doesn't turn out as per sketched.

Fortunately, I speed-ed up in completing my orders and
finally get the chance to crochet a Christmas Bit Bit Doll.

Since, Bit Bit was the all-time fav of my amigurumi collection,
I decided to make a special / limited edition for it.
It will be one and only, no remakes will be done.

Visit my Etsy shop for more infos and photos :

or email me to purchase


I've been doing lots of IG Monster Cozy for
 iPhone 4 for the past week. 

I love to do the packaging nicely.
It satisfied me even more when I get to know that
 the receivers love them. :)

Ready to be dropped at the Post Office counter.

Duffy has gained some weight!
Plus, he knows some basic tricks now such as
sit and down. He's so cute and playful.

And he's also recovering from his skin problems. :))

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1♥cottage::.Triplets Bunnies

It was my very first time doing so many Bit Bit Bunny
orders at the same time.

After working for almost a week plus,
all of them are completed! :D

I call them the Triplets Bit Bit Bunnies.

They are identical in all ways!
Lovely pastel yellow for the combinations ^^

I enjoy doing them and when I got to know that 
everyone loves them is such a bliss.

One special request from one of my customers, 
a string to be added so that she could hang
this little cutie on her car ^^

It was so hard for me to find a box for them.
I decided to recycle and use the big boxes and cut them into 
square shapes and joined them together into a small little boxes.

Hours were spent on packaging though.
Luckily in the end, it was a satisfying result. :D

Wrapped them up and they looked just like
small little pressie packages ready to be
delivered to the receivers!

I wish them a safe journey to their new owners 
in Australia, Sweden and USA. 

Love to be an owner of Bit Bit Bunny too?
Click the below to directly purchase them from my Etsy :

or kindly email me to order at
onelovecottage[at! ]

Christmas is just in a month and 3 weeks away.
I still have no idea what to
make for Christmas sales / orders. :'(

If you have any ideas, please do suggest! :)
I would really love to hear from you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

1♥cottage::.Awesome Weekend Ever!

It was the most awesome weekend I've ever had. :D

First, I got myself a pup.
I have yearned to own a pup for my whole darn life.
And I'm super happy to adopt one now!!! :D

His name is Duffy.
I named him after a famous Disney Tokyo Sea character, Duffy.
We (my bf & I) think of all sort of names but we resolved in this name.

I think his fur looks like Duffy bear and this is also my fav bear. :)

Eventually, he'll be a big part of my life. ♥

Next, I went to Wonderful Pipit Market 7,
an art & crafts bazaar in Malaysia.

I was not chosen to go to Pipit 7 as one of the vendor there. :(
It was kinda disappointing for me, as it is my dream 
to participate in one of the local bazaars. 

However, I believe that if I work hard and have faith
in myself, my dream will come true one fine day.
I will try again in the near future :)

Besides, I met with my craft friend that I have not seen
in person. And she recognized me when I went to her stall.

I was so excited and I requested for a photo with her. :)
If you're reading this, I wanted to say I am so glad
that we met on that day! ^^

I got one of her polar bears.
They were tiny and cuteeee :)

Visit her blog at 

I loveee her hand-drawn business card.
Very cuteee and can be used as a bookmark.
Great idea! :))

And the happy thing is, I dated my friend out that day.
She accompanied me to Pipit 7. ♥

We had so much fun at Pipit 7 and also catching up.
We have not met for months since I went for my
industrial training early this year during March.

Weird but adorable dollies. ^^

Uber cuteee bears that I almost wanted to splurge on. :S

Besides the polar bear, I also bought
sticker sets from Minifanfan.

I loveeeeeeeeeee her illustrations.
They were uber cute. ♥

I selected 2 from 10 of the stickers and have them 
stick on my lappie. And I kept the other 8 until
I find places to stick them on. ^^

And that concludes my awesome weekend.
How about yours? :)

Coming up next,
Triplets Bit Bit Bunny ♥