Sunday, November 27, 2011

1♥cottage::. Appreciations ♥

Photo credited to Ling from Malaysia.

Photo credited to Eva from U.S.

Grouped some of the photos from my customers.

As a crafter & seller, the most satisfying part of the business process
is not on the amount of bucks that counts. It is the making and
the feedback from the customers that counts.

Mustaches thank you tags where I carved them with rubber stamp! :D

It makes me feel that all the efforts that I've put into my craft business 
all these while has been paid off when happy customers left me feedback.

Free wrapping service from me as requested by one of my
customer from U.S. She wish to have separate boxes for 2 of 
the amigurumi dolls that she've ordered from me.

Thus, I made an effort to wrap them up nicely.
They are due for Christmas! :D

I hope these efforts will put a smile on her face :)

Duffy has grown heavier each time I went to visit him.
He's so active!!! Plus he smiles for the camera now! Awww 

Got this green tea frap for free upon Starbucks card registration! :D

I've been studying and revising this weekend for my mid-terms.
  Just taking some short breaks from crocheting. 
what have you guys been doing? 

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