Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1♥cottage::.Joy of Crocheting

Blogging is actually time consuming,
considering the time needed for editing, inserting photos, re-editing again,
constructing sentences to make it interesting to readers and things like that.

However, it could make the author of the blog happy and satisfied
when readers leave feed backs/comments on the blog posts.
And it will become worthwhile to blog even the author is super busy. 

So, here's one of my current order I received from USA.
She's having this Bit Bit Bunny in lilac as her X'mas present.
I hope that the package will arrive just in time for Christmas :)

It is still available for remakes in all sorts of colours.
Please visit :
or email me at
onelovecottage [at!] to purchase.

Here are some of the appreciation photos I got from my beloved customers! :D

Christin from USA.

Ann from Aussie.

Amelia from Malaysia.

I'm so grateful that my customers are happy with their purchases
and also spent time to send me their photos :)

I'm so thankful to my BFF who came over to my place and helped me
out by making some DIY boxes with recycling envelopes.
It's so hard to find / buy suitable boxes for my crafts as some
increases the shipping cost w/ the amount of weight  
while some appeared to be quite expensive.

Yup, here comes a set of Christmas Specials amigurumi! :D

What's more interesting is, it comes with a bead chain
where you can hang them on your bags, x'mas trees 
or give them out as an x'mas present this festive season!

Comes in 4 brilliant colours - 
Mint Green, Pale Pink, Ocean Blue, and Lilac.
*Mint Green has been sold out!*

Please visit :
or email me at
onelovecottage [at!] to purchase.

They are not remake-able due to Christmas special items.

Aha! Duffy has recovered from his skin problems 
and thus the removal of the satellite thingy! Hoorayy! :D

Well, the time of the semester has finally come and therefore,
I'll be getting busier and busier. :(

Mid terms coming up, wish me luck peeps!

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