Monday, November 14, 2011

1♥cottage::.Christmas Amigurumi

I've been pretty busy lately.
With so many orders coming in, I hardly able to make any
dolls/ornaments for the upcoming festive season. :(

Since I was still a full time university student, 
it was super tough for me to organize my time for maximum usage.
I often find that time is insufficient.

I sketched before proceeding in crocheting it.
But the colour combinations doesn't turn out as per sketched.

Fortunately, I speed-ed up in completing my orders and
finally get the chance to crochet a Christmas Bit Bit Doll.

Since, Bit Bit was the all-time fav of my amigurumi collection,
I decided to make a special / limited edition for it.
It will be one and only, no remakes will be done.

Visit my Etsy shop for more infos and photos :

or email me to purchase


I've been doing lots of IG Monster Cozy for
 iPhone 4 for the past week. 

I love to do the packaging nicely.
It satisfied me even more when I get to know that
 the receivers love them. :)

Ready to be dropped at the Post Office counter.

Duffy has gained some weight!
Plus, he knows some basic tricks now such as
sit and down. He's so cute and playful.

And he's also recovering from his skin problems. :))