Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pipit Fabric Festival 2013

I've been up to so many things today.
I'm really tired and exhausted, and yet, 
I feel like blogging. 

It wasn't an easy task to mingle with 2 businesses at once,
all by myself. I've spent the whole morning
taking photos (by myself with a tripod!) for 
Nineteen89 Boutique upcoming new arrivals.

So, make sure you go to my fan page :

Sneak peek! 

Sorry if you find this photo disturbing,
I'm not a professional model. So yeah...just trying 
to sell my products here. Please bear with me!!! :P

And check out all the new stuffs that is going to be 
uploaded very soon! All imported and hand-picked 100%
from oversea. You get what you see! :DD

Btw, if you're wondering why I'm handling 2 businesses,
is because
- earn for a living
- passion / hobby

Oh well, here're some of the dolls/pouches I've done these days!

Bit Bit Bunny with Rilakkuma beanie hat :P


Well, few days back, I went to Pipit Fabric Fest!!!

I got a pack of this, 
seriously this is gonna be so useful for the Bit Bit inner ears!!
Moreover, it is just RM5 for a big pack! :D

And many zakka fabric to choose from!!!

Masking tape corner! :))

And so here's what I've got from Fabric Fest!
Totally in love with the fabric I got. :D

Till then, have a great week ahead peeps!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April's First

My first post for April.

I can't believe it is 17th of April.
I have been going through so many things through out the 
beginning of April. And now, things have been slowed down
and I can sit back and relax by catching up with my orders.

These cuties are iPhone cozies.
I do make other phone cozies too, please email me
to enquire for more :)

They are all my original design, 
should you need to use the design, please do not use it
without my consent, thank you for respecting my art & design.

Back to the beginning of the month, 
I went to Bangkok for a short trip with my mom and my relatives! :D

Shibuya Honey Toast at "After You", Siam Paragon.

This food is like H-E-A-V-E-N! 
It taste soooo good, I miss it now :(

This is how it looks adding it with the ice-cream.
Jeez, I'm making myself hungry, no doubt :')

And coconut ice-cream to kill the heat in Bangkok
which almost reached 38 Celsius, hotter than Malaysia *faint*

Foot massage time! *yaaaay!*

Cute Furby spotted.
They are seen almost everywhere in the departmental stores.

There are sooooo many of them!!!
They even have their own accessories. :S

How can their cakes looks sooo tempting!!!
Even the strawberries are HUGE!!! XD

Sorry for the blur photo.
This is me at Asiatique doing the tourist pose.

It was so nice over there, the ambiance is great.
There are many cute stalls selling all sort of things and
there are many bars and restaurants too.
Definitely a must-go place when you visit Bangkok! :D

Besides crafting, I have another passion for fashion as well.

Please head to my Facebook page for more awesome fashion pieces
from my online fashion boutique Nineteen89 Boutique :)

Till then peeps,
happy mid-week! :D

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mandora Madness

I've been pretty lazy lately.
Not in terms of working on my dolls & pouches though.
But, in terms of doing house chores and cooking meals 
for myself :(

I wonder why...

This is a mini Mandora, size as small as a sonnyangel doll :P
I called it a spoon of Mandora :D

Babydora vs mini mandora.
A special request from my customer.
please spot the pin on the blue part of babydora! :P

I even dressed them up with the Pokemon beanies.
Now they are one big Mandora family :)

Perhaps, I should stop doing for a few days as 
my fingers are really painful :(

Till then,
have a good day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pokemon Beanie Hats

Here's a pair of Bit Bit Bunnies wearing
each remove-able pikachu & jigglypuff beanie hats :)

Isn't it cute?
They can even have accessories now!!! :DD

Unicorn iPhone 4s cozy but some of my IG friends
said it looks like pigacorn instead :/

A mini Mandora, spoon sized lol :')

Till then,
my fingers are a little sore :(

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Raccoon iPhone Cozy & Piglets

Mr. Raccoon iPhone 4s after make-up (photo filtering)

Original photo before I apply make-up :P

This Mr.Raccoon is a custom make order for my customer.
I reaaaaally love how it turned out, don't you?? :D

Mini piglets < 3

They look better with make-up or w/o make-up on? :P

If you're interested to have something made by me,
please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

onelovecottage @gmail.com

Till then! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crafty Wednesday

The weekend has just passed....
I had a great one cuz I visit Pipit Zakka Store
for the first time in conjunction with their little market event
this month :D

Since I went there alone, unplanned,
I took a self - cap photo of myself and the cute doodles behind :)

Here're some of my fav notebooks handmade by various crafters :)

There are more, but my connection don't allow me to share 'em all :(

So here're also some of the work I completed recently :)

Little doggy iPhone 5 cozy :D

Simple and cute bunny iPhone 5 cozy 

Semi alive Bit Bits !!!
They are about to come alive tomorrow :DD

Here's another photo of Mandora again!
Can anyone resist its cute-ness? NO! XD

And YESSSSSH I'm still not bored of cooking,
I think I have picked up this hobby!!! XD

This is a plate of bacon and egg sandwich topped with cranberries.
Totally yumsss :D

I was totally haaaaaaaaaaaappy when I woke up and received 
an Etsy transaction, and hence, this parcel going off to Netherlands :D

It has certainly been a long time since I sent some 
parcels oversea.

I just done these today! :D

ZOOOM IN of behind the scene,
yeap that's my sketch book. :P

ZOOOM OUT of behind the scene.
Pretty messy eh? Actually it's way messier,
I got stuffs on my bed and on every corner of the floor in 
the room! ><"

It gets soooo dusty each day at the end of the day
where I have to sweep the floor and maybe mop it.

Anyways, I'm not ranting, but grateful that
it's worth it afterall when I know the recipients love
the creations that I've made for them :D

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mandora the Cutie

Good mooooooorning loves!

It's a beautiful Saturday today and weekend is finally here!
*screams in joy!* :D

What is your plans for this awesome weekend?
Wishing everyone have an enjoyable and blissful weekend ahead :)

Here's my recent "HIT" item at my Facebook Fan Page:
One Love Cottage

Can anyone of you tell who is he???
NO! He isn't the soy bean dude, 
instead, he is .....

Yeeeeeaaaaap, he is MANDORA!
One of my fav game though :P
Isn't he the cutest? :))

And here's a Samsung S3 cozy in blue monkey :)

A few days back , I got so in the mood for cooking
and hence, here's my scrumptious homecooked meal :)

Yesh, it tasted as good as it looked like :P

Here's also another photo of my
HOME word embroidery I randomly made.

I can't wait to hang it at my new house :D

And my SD CARD finally able to read by my stupid lappie XD

So here're some of the no filter photos of my creations, enjoy! 

And now I pronounced both of you as Mr & Mrs Pingu, 
you shall kiss your bride!

Yaaaay! I'm such a blissful guy! :)

Today's my birthdaaaaaay and where is my birthday cake!? 0_o

Oooooh, who the hell place that yummy strawberry cake on 
my head?? How am I able to gobble it up?
I want my yummy cake!
*crys in sorrow...*

Oh waaaait, that's pretty hard to remove,
looks like it's a permanent headband, Bit Bit! O_O

OMG!!! Bit Bit is devastated! :'(

Will Bit Bit gets his Birthday cake??

Till then :)