Friday, March 15, 2013

Mandora the Cutie

Good mooooooorning loves!

It's a beautiful Saturday today and weekend is finally here!
*screams in joy!* :D

What is your plans for this awesome weekend?
Wishing everyone have an enjoyable and blissful weekend ahead :)

Here's my recent "HIT" item at my Facebook Fan Page:
One Love Cottage

Can anyone of you tell who is he???
NO! He isn't the soy bean dude, 
instead, he is .....

Yeeeeeaaaaap, he is MANDORA!
One of my fav game though :P
Isn't he the cutest? :))

And here's a Samsung S3 cozy in blue monkey :)

A few days back , I got so in the mood for cooking
and hence, here's my scrumptious homecooked meal :)

Yesh, it tasted as good as it looked like :P

Here's also another photo of my
HOME word embroidery I randomly made.

I can't wait to hang it at my new house :D

And my SD CARD finally able to read by my stupid lappie XD

So here're some of the no filter photos of my creations, enjoy! 

And now I pronounced both of you as Mr & Mrs Pingu, 
you shall kiss your bride!

Yaaaay! I'm such a blissful guy! :)

Today's my birthdaaaaaay and where is my birthday cake!? 0_o

Oooooh, who the hell place that yummy strawberry cake on 
my head?? How am I able to gobble it up?
I want my yummy cake!
*crys in sorrow...*

Oh waaaait, that's pretty hard to remove,
looks like it's a permanent headband, Bit Bit! O_O

OMG!!! Bit Bit is devastated! :'(

Will Bit Bit gets his Birthday cake??

Till then :)

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