Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pingu Penguins and more

I've recently done LASIK surgery on my eyes.

How I miss making my dolls and pouch 
cuz after lasik, I have to rest my eyes.

It's almost about a week now.
I'm recovering pretty well, except for 
I can't drive at night. 

I only do a few hours of my orders everyday lately
in hope to not overwork/strain my eyes.

So here're some of the ones I've completed. :D

Here's a pair of cutie pingus.
I really enjoy making new dolls, it's my first try on penguins.
They are made as a wedding gift for my
customer from USA. I'm glad he thinks his friend'll
definitely love them. :D

I have a couple more of this lovely pair taken with a DSLR,
unfortunately my SD card can't be read :(

Here's another one of my latest creation, a special request from my
customer. I am soooooo happy to see how it turned out to be.
I'm already happy even when I just look/stare at it :))

Happy from Fairy Tail iPhone 4 pouch,
and thankful it turned out looking all handsome and cute :P

I can't wait to work on more orders!!!

Interested in getting your hands on one of my creations,
do not hesitate to inquire more by emailing me at

Hope to see your mail soon!
Till then :)

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