Thursday, November 3, 2011

1♥cottage::.Triplets Bunnies

It was my very first time doing so many Bit Bit Bunny
orders at the same time.

After working for almost a week plus,
all of them are completed! :D

I call them the Triplets Bit Bit Bunnies.

They are identical in all ways!
Lovely pastel yellow for the combinations ^^

I enjoy doing them and when I got to know that 
everyone loves them is such a bliss.

One special request from one of my customers, 
a string to be added so that she could hang
this little cutie on her car ^^

It was so hard for me to find a box for them.
I decided to recycle and use the big boxes and cut them into 
square shapes and joined them together into a small little boxes.

Hours were spent on packaging though.
Luckily in the end, it was a satisfying result. :D

Wrapped them up and they looked just like
small little pressie packages ready to be
delivered to the receivers!

I wish them a safe journey to their new owners 
in Australia, Sweden and USA. 

Love to be an owner of Bit Bit Bunny too?
Click the below to directly purchase them from my Etsy :

or kindly email me to order at
onelovecottage[at! ]

Christmas is just in a month and 3 weeks away.
I still have no idea what to
make for Christmas sales / orders. :'(

If you have any ideas, please do suggest! :)
I would really love to hear from you.


  1. Hey,

    your bunnys are very cute. Now I want to crochet again, after my blog break. I had little time to crochet :( But now I want to crochet such a cute bunny :) Thanks to you I want to crochet again :)

    Elfie <3

  2. Your rabbits are so nice!*__*
    If you want visit my blog, your welcome!

  3. halo there, I want to ask U something..
    is this cute bunny is available .. & how much for each..
    reply to my blog please ;)

  4. Your sewing and crafting skills have improved so much compared to last year! Business looks prosperous, congratulations and good luck! :D

    The new bunnies are so adorable!!