Sunday, October 30, 2011

1♥cottage::.Awesome Weekend Ever!

It was the most awesome weekend I've ever had. :D

First, I got myself a pup.
I have yearned to own a pup for my whole darn life.
And I'm super happy to adopt one now!!! :D

His name is Duffy.
I named him after a famous Disney Tokyo Sea character, Duffy.
We (my bf & I) think of all sort of names but we resolved in this name.

I think his fur looks like Duffy bear and this is also my fav bear. :)

Eventually, he'll be a big part of my life. ♥

Next, I went to Wonderful Pipit Market 7,
an art & crafts bazaar in Malaysia.

I was not chosen to go to Pipit 7 as one of the vendor there. :(
It was kinda disappointing for me, as it is my dream 
to participate in one of the local bazaars. 

However, I believe that if I work hard and have faith
in myself, my dream will come true one fine day.
I will try again in the near future :)

Besides, I met with my craft friend that I have not seen
in person. And she recognized me when I went to her stall.

I was so excited and I requested for a photo with her. :)
If you're reading this, I wanted to say I am so glad
that we met on that day! ^^

I got one of her polar bears.
They were tiny and cuteeee :)

Visit her blog at 

I loveee her hand-drawn business card.
Very cuteee and can be used as a bookmark.
Great idea! :))

And the happy thing is, I dated my friend out that day.
She accompanied me to Pipit 7. ♥

We had so much fun at Pipit 7 and also catching up.
We have not met for months since I went for my
industrial training early this year during March.

Weird but adorable dollies. ^^

Uber cuteee bears that I almost wanted to splurge on. :S

Besides the polar bear, I also bought
sticker sets from Minifanfan.

I loveeeeeeeeeee her illustrations.
They were uber cute. ♥

I selected 2 from 10 of the stickers and have them 
stick on my lappie. And I kept the other 8 until
I find places to stick them on. ^^

And that concludes my awesome weekend.
How about yours? :)

Coming up next,
Triplets Bit Bit Bunny ♥


  1. thanks for visit pipit..;-) I'm one of the vendor there.

  2. Olá, parabéns pelo cãozinho, ele é mesmo uma gracinha e com certeza lhe encherá de alegrias... o nome foi bem escolhido, soa bem aos ouvidos, gostei! Vim agradecer e retribuir a visita e agora sou mais uma de sua seguidoras, seus trabalhos são muito lindos, parabéns! Beijinhos

  3. I found you frm instagram... you are so cute! I ove your bog and your tore :) now following !!


  4. Hi Irene,
    Nice to meet you too that day ! :)
    you looks sweet & pretty :D

    Best Regards,

  5. What kind of dog is that? =D We want one! ^^ So cute!