Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Marriage is always a bliss.
My cousin bro just got married last Sunday.

It's fun to see all of my relatives again.
We don't use to see each others often cuz we're living very far
apart. So, during my cousin bro's wedding day that was where we
have the opportunity to gather and talk. :)

The fun part of attending a wedding dinner is where I get to doll up.
Wearing glam clothes and looking totally different from my
casual dressing.

That is why I have not been blogging lately. HAHAHA.

I tried to fly a kite few days back.
I really did. However, it has failed each time I try to fly it
cuz it wasn't windy at all. I was really disappointed.

And so we started playing with my iPhone camera.
I have always wanted to take photos like above, with the sun thingy,
you know. And that's my boyfriend in the photo. :D

I've also tried experimenting by swinging my hair to see if the
effects are good. Nonetheless, it does looked a bit good. It always
has room for improvements. Somehow, someday, I'll try it again. :)

I've been spending my last week of holidays at the mall everyday.
Went for movies, food, shopping and more :)

The photo above is where I played with that funny glasses,
sold at Daiso. Do I look stupid? LOL
They sell really good stuffs there, cute, usable 
and you name it. 

Crazy IG Monster iPhone cover has been sold too! :D
I wish my parcel is safe all the way to USA.

Uni has just started 2 days and it feels good to be back.
Above is Duffy and my 55% completion of iPad2 cover for
one of my local customer in Malaysia. It has to be done 
by 30th October cuz it will be given to someone as a birthday 
present. I really hope I can finish in these few days and probably
blog about it too. :)

How's everyone been doing?
I'm pretty busy juggling between work (online shop) and studies. >_<|||