Saturday, March 10, 2012

1♥cottage::.Beach Escape

Sorry for the short MIA.
I just got back from my trip to Pulau Lang Tengah.

It was awesome! :D 
The seawater was as clear as crystal.

Snorkeling was the main activity throughout my trip.
It was my very first time though. If you were to ask,
I would say, it was fun! It's like swimming inside a big 
aquarium with the fishes. 

After the trip, I'm all ready to face my craft jobs again
and the new semester that is going to begin in a jiffy.

Here's as promised the better photo taken with a more
appropriate camera. It was sold out at my Etsy store and 
will list them up again when I'm able to take up orders 
as I have 4,5,6 bunnies needed
to be done.

Anyways, have a great week ahead peeps! :)

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