Thursday, December 27, 2012

△ Merry Belated Christmas by Molly △

Merry Belated Christmas from Molly :)

This is little Molly before she was completed.

Recently, I've created Molly and I love her to bits. 
Since she's my first ever creation, I'll be her owner :D

I've been doing a few more Molly dolls at the moment.
I hope to spread the love of Molly dolls to everyone
who loves her.

I can't help posting pictures of her on IG :'D

And here's another picture of her clung-ed on my brother's guitar 

I can't wait to finish the future Molly Dolls :)

Let me know if you like Molly,
I would love to do a giveaway ;)

Your feedbacks are very much appreciated! 

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  1. Molly sure is a cutie pie^^, love her cute bunny ears =)