Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Neko the White Cat

I've always wanted to try making something other than bunnies.
Ever since I started selling amigurumis, I have made
more than 50 bunnies which I have lost my counts now.

And so today, I spent some time, experimenting
on a new animal which is the cat doll as seen per the 
photo above.

It is made with white yarn and it has 3 brown strips on its head.

My photos are often taken with Instagram (app) and 
filtered with a filter name "Nashville" which gave my 
photos a little vintage and yellowish colour.

So here's one w/o a filter :)

This little Neko is wearing a sweet light pink tutu dress
and has the cutest floral ribbon on top of its head.

for this product of mine in case you can't judge 
from the photo.

*sorry for the caps on, in case you missed it! and sorry for the b/g
noise as well due to a construction area nearby*

Please let me know what do you think about my new creation!
Will you want to see more of this design in other colours? :)

YESSHH, she is still available for you to bring her home,
email at to be her
new owner! :P

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