Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Zero One Three : 2013

Happy New Year 2013!
(IG Monster drawn by me, psttt I'm a IG addict)

It's a brand new year, 
let's make this year a memorable and productive one.

Time flies and I've never stop crafting and creating
since 1st of January and it's already
3rd of January today. How have everyone been doing? :)

Grumpy seems unhappy while both her sisters are enjoying their teas.

This is my first Molly Doll, and she is mine :D
I brought her to Kota Kinabalu, but sadly, I didn't manage to
capture a sight of her with Mount Kinabalu because
the mountain was blocked by thick clouds >.<"

I'm reaaaaally addicted in making them.
Here's the fourth Molly standing with the other three in purple suit.

They are all available for purchases at my Etsy Shop.
Please kindly visit my shop here:

It's time to shop for your Valentine's gifts.
It's always never early to shop for gifts.
Something different this year for your loved ones perhaps?

Cassie the purple Molly Doll <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Here's a Molly Doll framed up in a cute Tiffany blue photo frame.
It makes a perfect gifts for your loved ones! :)

This is available here:

Ahh, love is in the air :)

Even Bit Bit Bunnies is all ready for Valentine's Day.

Thanks for all the lovely comments always.
I love you all my lovely readers.

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