Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey lovely OLC-ers!

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How is everyone been doing?
It has been almost half a year now since the last time I've
blogged about my craft products. Well, the good news is
I've finally completed my industrial training and I will be back
to work & blog about my crafts here in no time. ;)

To establish my own concept and brand name, I've
decided to work on only a few selected crafts instead of
multiple craft products like the one I did for my previous products
in year 2010. Although this bad news might disappoint y'all who loves 
my felt products, but I hope I will get supports from each and 
everyone of you in bringing fresh, new and super kawaii handmade 
(Hint: Blog layout is designed via the Amigurumi I've made!)

I have discontinued most of my felt products in order to fulfill my dream 
and vision for this blog. I'll be doing Amigurumi products only from now on.

Apart from that, I've also applied for Pipit Wonderful Market 7
and let's hope that I'll be selected. I've done lots of Amigurumi 
and they are reserved for Pipit at the moment until they announced 
the selected vendors. Here's a photo of my current crafts preparations.

Please take note that it will be for sale instantly at my 
Etsy/Blog if I am not selected 
as a vendor at Pipit Wonderful Market 7.

Other than that, I've also been working hard on the packaging 
of my crafts. Here's a hand-carved stamp I did as part of the craft 
products packaging purposes.

Oh, and I'm pretty addicted with Instagram too
which is an app on iPhone. Feel free to follow me @irenesin
where I post photos of my life, crafts and fashion.
See ya there! ;)


Irene Sin

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