Friday, September 23, 2011

1♥cottage::.The Story Untold

Happy T.G.I.F!
The story untold and I'm gonna tell you now in this post! :D

The above picture was my very first amigurumi I did which 
was like 6 months ago. I was really not satisfied with the outcome. 
As you can see, it was not cute enough.

Apparently, amigurumi is relatively easy to do when you 
acquired the knowledge and art of crochet. However, it need a
lots of patience and creativity to produce a cute and lovable end product.

It's all started when I first joined Instagram (an app on iPhone).
I began browsing on photos posted by other fellow IG-ers and
I discovered these cute little amigurumi dolls made by them.

The learning process is really painful as no one is able to teach me.
Besides, my mom is not familiar with crochet doll patterns.
However, with the help of YouTube tutorials and some books I bought,
I've finally managed to learn the correct ways to crochet a doll.

The WIP mini ShellieMay I'm doing, few months back.

I crochet mostly on patterns I got from the internet and books before I
started doing my own patterns. As time goes by, I crochet better and
I started designing my own patterns. ShellieMay was one of the first
patterns I've designed earlier on.

I was so happy with the outcome. Needless to say, I begin to do
more patterns myself.

Little penguin amigurumi - pattern not by me.

Amigurumi dolls that I sold to one of my IG friend.

I shared all of my amigurumi works on IG and got really good responses
as well as compliments. I'm so happy and excited at the same time.
Motivation was what I've gained from the compliments I got all the time
from my beloved IG friends and followers.

Sold to my IG friend.

I know that OLC is well known for it's felt products. However,
I reckoned that with the felt products I've made so far cannot 
realize my dream. I want to build a brand name for myself, 
with my crafts. That is why I have converted OLC to amigurumi 

I really hope that all my previous customers will understand the story
behind the changes made to OLC. 

IG Monster Stamp.

Kiki Foxy Bear Stamp.

My hunger for crafts don't just stop there. I have also acquired the
skills in hand-carving rubber stamps too. It's really fun but that
will be just for personal use and for craft packaging purposes.

The JC box was made into good use. 
I'm keeping all my stamping tools in there. :)

Trying to take good photos of your products ain't easy.
Yea, I'm trying real hard for the products that I'll be posting next.

I've been making more effort in taking photos for all my products.
I'm sure that no one would love to see messy backgrounds, 
dark photos and many more. 

I hope my handmade make you S.M.I.L.E and please enjoy browsing
through my products. :)

Should you want to purchase any of my handmade,
(or even to say HI!) 
You're always welcome to 
email me at
onelovecottage [!at]


go to my Etsy Shop! :)

p/s: It is not the profit that matters, it is the process and the enjoyment that matters the most.

Love, Irene

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