Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1♥cottage::.People not machine.

I've made some sales on Etsy a few days ago and I have been
very busy packaging up for my customers.

I didn't know that packaging up for your products can be this much fun.
Previously, I just made very simple packaging towards my 
felt products. Since the price is relatively high for my amigurumi
products, I have made an extra effort in packaging them.

These "Happy Little Coin Purses" seen here are nicely packaged.

They can be found in the link below :

Only 3 left at the moment :)

 I've also doodle-ed "Thank You" tags for the package.
The parcels are ready to be shipped to Aussie and Muar :)

I wish my packages can put a smile to my customers. :D

That's what make a difference to handmade products with machine made.
They are people, not machine!
Machine products don't do them personally just for you!
They are mass produced!

Support Handmades! 

Few days ago, I did some printing jobs on my IG & crafts photos.
There are printed with inkjet printer on some glossy photo papers.
Don't you find it cute? I'm very satisfied with my printing. :)


  1. Woow, your packaging is very cool. I´m looking for a cute packaging for my stuff, but i have no ideas :( And also i need so much stuff for that. Good work :)

  2. Thanks dear :) I hope you can find ways to package your stuffs soon. It's fun! :D

  3. i was surprised when i received the doll keychain...cos the packaging was sooo cool,cute and delicate.... :D
    i do appreciate every bit of it....
    Thank You... :)
    will be supporting you ALWAYS...<3