Thursday, June 21, 2012

SleepyHead Little Pink Piggy

Sleepy Head Piggy is my latest creation.
I love how she turned out to be, so pinky! *squeaks 

She reminds me of the sleepy moment and the magical bedtime stories.
It's so dreammmmy! :)

My setup for the photoshooting session of my precious doll today.

It wasn't that easy to find the perfect spot to capture photos
of  products which is able to show beautiful details yet in 
a very natural lighting. 

Thus, I chose one corner, outside of my house to take
these photos. It turned out to be awesome, I'm really happy with the results.
 It gives enough lighting to show the real colour of the
 product and not much fuss occur during editing.

 I personally believe that, photo is the most 
crucial point as it shows the beauty of the actual product.

I'm not very good at it though, I hope that more practice will 
help me to improve my product photography skills in future.

By the way, Piggy is up for adoption.
You can view more photos of her via my Etsy store :)

I hope you enjoy reading my entry!