Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wonderful Pipit Experience ♡

I stumbled upon Pipit Store Online one day calling for local crafters to be
Wonderful Pipit Market 8's (WPM8) vendors. The next thing I did was email-ed them
my details and UNEXPECTEDLY, I was selected. 

I was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally excited as this is going to be my first time ever,
participating in a local handmade event! I felt honorable. :D

And yeeeeeeeeeeessss, WPM8 was like a dream come true to me.

And let me present to you my lovely little stall :)
I was the only one making these items and
the preparation time frame was like just 3 months. 
And that was the max I can produce since I'm a full time student.

And nevertheless I'm happy how my little stall looks like :)
I actually did studied on how to set up a booth before I went to that
event. I've learnt that layering your booth will make your products
look more attractive. I hope this little tips will help anyone of you 
who are going to these kind of events in future :)

I felt so blessed, my cousin bro came all the way to meet & support me!

Many friends (photo not published) have turned up at my stall on that
 day too. And I have met a few of my Instagram followers as well :D

I'm so grateful for such a wonderful experience even though
by the end of the day, not all my products were sold off.
It's the memories that will carry with me till the end of my life 
that's worth reminiscing. 

Last but not least, 
I'm thankful to my boyfie who have helped me carried all my stuffs 
including the heavy table and chair and accompanied me the whole day. 

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