Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Weekend Project.

It was a beautiful Saturday and I decided to work on a makeover
on my unworn Gold Juicy Couture Chunky Bracelet.

This is how the initial bracelet looks like.
Didn't manage to capture a picture of it. :/

The gold colour chain faded into a lil' silverish and 
ever since then I've never wear it.
So, I thought a little makeover and I'll 
probably wear it like again!? :D

Here's how it looks like after the minor makeover :)
It turns out pretty well, in my POV.

Isn't it awesome!? :)
They can be easily done.

What you need is some yarns of your choice,
a bracelet and a little patience and love :)
And braid them up accordingly with your bracelet.
Try it yourself and I would be glad to see your creations.
Maybe you can send me some pictures!
Email: onelovecottage[at]

I want to learn to do friendship bracelets as well.

Photos below credited to

I love how colourful these bracelets are. 
I'm sure they brighten up someone's day! :D

Adorn your wrists with these yummy bracelets for this summer! :D

I hope I've inspired you to work on your own lil bracelet makeover! :)

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  1. I love your bracelet, so summer. I can't do the same, because I don't have the good chaine.:-( I hope found one.